2021 North Star District Winteree
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2021 North Star District Winteree

2021 North Star District Winteree
Registration Begins
1/1/2021 6:00 AM
Last Day To Register
1/28/2021 5:00 PM
688 N. 4200 E.
Rigby, ID 83442, US
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The last date for registration has passed.
Who: Open to all Grand Teton Council Scouts  Where: Krupp Scout Hollow
When: January 29th (Friday night is optional), January 30th (Competition Day)
Registration for Troops is Online (Deadline Jan 23rd) - Go to Tetonscouts.org,       
hover over the Districts tab and choose North Star District. Look for the Upcoming Events section.
There is one flat fee for this years Winteree. $5 per scout, No Charge for Adult Leaders
Food Service: Please be aware that due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we will not be serving meals as we have during past years. You will prepare and eat your own meals at your individual campsites.
For those Troops working on year round camper who wish to stay over Friday night: You may arrive as early as 5pm Friday Night. Please send someone to check in at the Fort as soon as you arrive.
For those Troops arriving Saturday morning: You may come to set up your lunch area/campsite prior to checkin time. Checkin is available, at the Fort, starting at 7am. PLEASE ARRIVE IN TIME TO CHECKIN, HAVE YOUR SLEDS READY, AND ATTEND THE FLAG CEREMONY AT 9:15. Competitions start at 9:30.
VERY IMPORTANT: At check-in, the staff needs to know: The unit # of your registration, name and phone number of adult in charge, how many adults and youth you have with you, how your registration payment was made, how many and what the Patrol Name(s) are. You may use the form at the bottom of this page to turn in this information.
Lunch Areas/Campsites: We ask for you to stay away from the Ice Palace parking areas and facilities and respect their customers. Come and go around their display (not through the middle of it) as you travel from the parking lot to the fort.
Fires at your campsite: If you want to have a fire at your lunch area/campsite, you must bring a fire bowl or barrel so that cleanup is easy and you can leave it as you found it. DO NOT build a fire on the ground! The sites you are camping in are not official campsites and we don't want to leave a mess behind.
Bling: Each person will receive a winteree patch and cup.
Snacks: There will be scouts with nut allergies present. Please do not bring snacks that contain nuts. Read the label!
Competition Stations: It will be expected that all scouts & scouters will participate in the competitions and scout skills sessions. There will be 9 half hour sessions plus the Klondike Sled build and race. The first station will be assigned and then Patrols will rotate clockwise to the next station according to the map provided Saturday morning. This is where your scouts get to show off their skills. It's a great idea to practice up on your skills before you attend! Stations will include knots & lashings, firebuilding, compass work, shelter building, first aid and other fun activities too.
Competition Patrol Gear: Sled (the one you bring to carry your gear during the competions), 8x10 tarp, snow shovel, first aid kit, 2 scout staves, blanket to make a stretcher, wood for fire building station, 30' of rope, compasses, patrol flag and a great patrol cheer. 
Klondike Derby (sled building & race - different sled than your competition sled): There will be 45 minutes for each patrol to build a sled at the Winteree and then 15 minutes of race time on an obstacle course. Scoring will be determined by the Klondike Czar and his appointed minions. Scoring will be based on innovation, quality of lashings, reliability, teamwork, youth participation, scout spirit, originality, and percentage of building actually done at the race. Bring everything you need to build a sled. You may bring up to (20) 8 foot poles or 2x2's. They must not be precut or measured for sled parts. Bring twine or cord for lashing. Bring hand tools such as saws, drills, hammers, etc. (No power tools, battery or otherwise) Bring skis (real or wooden). If you want or use natural runners, you might get extra credit. You should use peg and dowel attachment of skis to the sled. Peg holes may be pre-drilled in the skis. Adults - do your best to only watch unless you see a safety concern. See what your boys can do!
Awards: Each competition will be scored by the Unit running that station. Winners of each competition will be announced at the campfire awards ceremony on Saturday at 3:30pm. A Traveling Trophy will be awarded to the top ranked Patrol.
Scout Gear & Clothing: Each Scout should have the Scout Basic Essentials listed in the BSA Handbook. Be ready for zero or colder.  - Extra Boots & Socks - Cotton Jeans or Socks are discouraged - Several pairs of gloves. Dress for success!
Unit Program Assignments: If you have volunteered to run a competition station, please arrange to have ready, at that station, all of the materials you need for running that competition. Plan to facilitate at least 3 patrols at each of the 30 minute competition stations.
Adult Participation: Adults - Please be ready to: Guide the scouts whose units have program assignments. Help run the competitions.  Judge the Klondike race. Help with set up and clean up.
This information has been prepared for you by the 2021 Winteree Planning Team. Troop 387 is running point on these arrangements. If you find errors or have additional questions, please text or call Dave Shaw @ 208-681-7383 or email him at dvsgpa@gmail.com

Winteree Planning Team - Questions? Text 681-7383 or email: dvsgpa@gmail.com

Download the the Winteree Information Page HERE

Download the Winteree Schedule HERE

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