2019 North Caribou & Eagle Rock District Cub Scout Pinewood Derby

2019 Friends of Scouting Campaign

2019 North Caribou & Eagle Rock District Cub Scout Pinewood Derby

2019 North Caribou & Eagle Rock District Cub Scout Pinewood Derby
Registration Begins
3/15/2019 6:00 AM
Last Day To Register
5/31/2019 6:00 PM
3910 South Yellowstone Hwy.
Idaho Falls, ID 83402, US
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The last date for registration has passed.


North Caribou District Pinewood Derby

Official Rules

Car measurements:

Maximum Width: 2 ¾ inches

Maximum Length: 7 inches

Maximum Weight: Not over 5.0 ounces

Wheels may not be altered in any way

Maximum Width between wheels: 1 ¾ inches

Bottom clearance (between the car and track): 3/8 inches



  1. Each car must be newly made this year.
  2. Each boy must be attending to race his car.
  3. This is an opportunity for the boys to learn about designing an item and using   tools to build his car.  Parents may help with the construction, but the car should be the boy’s work.
  4. The car must be made from the official BSA Pinewood Derby kit, available at the Scout Office.  Customizing kits may be used, so long as extra pieces are firmly and permanently attached to the car and the attachments do not cause the car to exceed the size and weight limits.
  5. The axles and wheels in the BSA derby kit must be used.  These pieces can be sanded for smoothness, but not so much as to alter the shape or size of the piece.  Glue the axles into the car body.
  6. Only use Dry Graphite to lubricate the wheels and axles.  Apply the graphite carefully, then spin the wheels to spread the lubrication.  Apply more, and repeat.


Check In:

Cars will be checked in prior to the race.  Each car will be weighed and measured for adherence to the rules above.  Nothing may be done in the form of maintenance to the cars after the check-in unless damaged during the race including adding of dry graphite.


Race Day:

We race with a computerized track.  The computer determines the order of the races.  When the names are called for each race, the boys will retrieve their own car from the table, bring it to the starting gate, and then return it to the table after the race.  No one is allowed to touch anyone else’s car before or during the race.  Each boy will race one time in each lane and the speeds will be averaged.  The average speeds will then be compared to determine the winners.  There will be no exceptions to these rules; the decisions of the judges are final.  Unsportsmanlike conduct and disrespect during the race will not be tolerated, by anybody.

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